10. Gotham™ Steel Crisper Tray

With this incredible non-stick Gotham Steel crisper tray, food will never stick to your trays again. Grilling, baking and frying should be enjoyable and simple! The Gotham™ Steel Crisper Tray does exactly that. Use it in the oven or on the grill, and never need oil or grease again! Using a revolutionary combination of titanium and ceramic this tray is perfect for sticky bacon and even stickier burgers. Using a tray to capture all the grease and a mesh to hold the food you are cooking this is the perfect purchase for all chefs out there.

11. Turbo Tiger Sweeper

This revolutionary sweeper gets into the places you couldn’t imagine getting close to before. The Turbo Tiger Sweepers extended side bristles reach beyond the sweeper to grab the filth. Going deep under cabinets, heaters, beds, and all along baseboards and side moldings. And you never need to bend over again. The dust pan is built right in. You just lift, open, and dump. Never strain your back again sweeping with a broom and dust pan!

12. RotoRazer™ Saw – All In One Saw

The RotoRazer Saw boasts 7 different saws In 1 – Jigsaw, circular saw, hand saw, band saw, tile saw, hacksaw, and miter saw! RotoRazer™ is both easy and safe to use, with a thumb-controlled power switch, and a safety switch that keeps the blade guard locked until you’re ready to cut. With this saw everyone cuts like a pro!

13. 35° Below Socks

Never have cold feet again with this aerospace fabric technology socks that keep your feet warm in even the most extreme weather conditions. Thin enough to wear underneath regular socks yet durable enough to wear alone this incredible lightweight and flexible material keeps the temperature just right always. The breathable nylon knit fabric of 35° Below Socks reflects natural body heat, minimizing perspiration and moisture keeping your feet dry also.

14. Red Copper Square Pan

Bulky specialty pans take up tons of space in your cabinets. The Red Copper Square Pan 5 Piece Set is a one-pan solution to cooking 8 different ways, essentially clearing your cabinets of unnecessary clutter. Bake a decadent lasagna, then broil for crisped cheesy perfection. Sauté your favorite stir fry, steam dumplings, braise meats, fry cutlets, deep fry tempura veggies, and roast a ham and veggies. Thanks to the square design, the 10-inch pan up to doubles your cooking area.

15. The MagicBax

Magic Bax are earring backs that have been designed to lift and support earrings so they’ll rest securely against your ears without drooping. Unlike ordinary earring backs, they have a heart-shaped design, but they’ll fit on virtually any pair of earrings, from small studs to larger, dangling pairs. These special earring backs come in both sterling silver and 14-karat gold-plated sterling silver, and you can even get a set of four backs that includes both shades.

16. Perfect Slicer

Perfect Slicer is a fruit and vegetable slicer that cores and cuts 12 perfect slices in just seconds. It’s very easy and safe to use. Simply hold the easy grip handles and push the Perfect Slicer down. It does all the work easily and quickly. Perfect Slicer works great on any-sized fruits and vegetables. With it, you can core and slice the perfect pineapple. Cantaloupes and melons are easy to prepare, too. You can easily core and slice apples for your kids’ lunch box.

They’re great in cutting vegetables too, for your salads. Perfect Slicer is dishwasher safe, so cleaning it is not a problem. When you order Perfect Slicer, you will also get the Perfect Slicing Mat and the 5-piece Perfect Storage System that uses advanced freshness technology to remove damaging gasses so your food lasts up to weeks longer.

17. Sock Slider

Sock Slider is the sock and shoe assistant that will instantly improve the lives of anyone with limited mobility. Whether you’re elderly, injured, suffer from lower back problems, pregnant or just find bending to touch your toes difficult, Sock Slider makes putting on and removing your socks quick, easy and pain-free.

Sock Slider is perfect for elderly people or those that have mobility limitations that would prevent them from being able to bend over and put on socks or shoes. It also helps people who have suffered a back or leg injury, making recovery a bit easier and reducing the chance of a repeat injury.


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