15 Secret Photos Donald Trump Doesn’t Want You to See

His name says it all! And let’s admit it, Trump is a funny person, he knows how to be remarked and how to stand up no matter what. You can hate or love him, there’s no middle way. One thing is certain—you can’t ignore an interesting man like Trump. If you look back in his past, you will see some little-known photos and this gallery unveils them!

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22 thoughts on “15 Secret Photos Donald Trump Doesn’t Want You to See”

  1. I think not honoring the national anthem in that pic tells you he should not be president he should be impeached and talk about a player whoo! He is obviously a womanizer

  2. Jim Acosta: “Mr. President, how do you sleep at night knowing the press hates your guts?”

    Trump: “Naked with a supermodel, Jim … and you?”

  3. whatever he did in the past is none of our damn business. He is doing his job, that is all I care about. And he doesn’t get much good press or help from Democrats. Whoever published these, and they are obviously doctored, should be ashamed of themselves. I know the men must be jealous of his past and the women wish they were Melania. So deal with it, keep the bad press out, fake news to make him look bad and let him do his stinking job.

    1. You can’t be that ignorant. You believe everything that man says! There’s Republicans that don’t believe him. He will be found guilty of interfering with the last election.

  4. Nicholas Timcisko

    Donald Trump the personality and Donald Trump the President of the United States are two different people. He has many warts and was known as a playboy for much of his life. He has always sported a big ego. He ran his empire like a King and answered to no one. He stays in constant touch with the world through Twitter. Trump Derangement Syndrome has infected most Democrats. Especially those in high political office. There actually is a swamp in DC that needs to be drained. Digging up photos like these are just another way of trying to bring him down. I can’t remember a president who was constantly criticized and shamefully vilified like Trump. “Fake News” is running rampant. Even though people are starting to wise up; Congress, like Nero, fiddles while Rome ( the USA) burns. God bless the USA, and Make America Great Again! The left has become obstructionists ant haters.

    1. Mr. Timcisko, if you cannot remember a president who was criticized and vilified like Trump, your memory is very short and selective. I can remember when the internet, as well as talk radio and Fox News, spilled over with the most hateful vitriol about Obama. And this was not because he was immature, vulgar, truculent, immoral, feckless, unhinged, deranged, crude or an insulting bully who had to feed his gigantic ego with weekly pep rallies. It was because he was (apparently) a wilting liberal Democrat and, come on now let’s go ahead and say it out loud, he is (gasp) BLACK. And, by the way, during Trumps speeches, no one hollered out from the floor of the United States House of Representatives, “You lie!” even though he lies worse than a thirteen-year-old caught stealing cigarettes from his mama’s purse. I could go on and on but I figure neither you nor any other of the die-hard Trump worshipers have read even this far.

  5. Trump is truly a sick man ,no real man/father would hold their child/daughter like it’s woman/wife.
    Trump is a sick lustful for dog. No real father would hold their daughter like she is a piece of meat for supper.

  6. Trump is a sick dog.No real man/father would embrace his daughter like she is a piece meat to eat,or bed down with. He is a sick dog.

  7. Putting your hand over your heart is reserved for the Pledge of Allegiance not the national anthem. In this case he is the only correct one. Sorry to say cause he is such a lame brain idiot.

  8. V. B. Muhammad

    When I was growing up (and when I was teaching), one stood at attention for the National Anthem and put the hand over the heart for the Pledge of Allegiance so, Trump is correct in this photo as far as I am concerned.

  9. Trump wouldn’t have a dog willing to be with him if it were not for his money! Take his money away and he would be lucky to get a mutt!

  10. Nothing scandalous here, nothing that that is secret. Just candid shots of someone’s life with no context. Big deal he’s still doing a great job and will be re-elected in 2020. Make America Great Again or should I say keep the Trump train running. I can’t wait for the next meltdown from these crazy liberals.LMAO

  11. You Trump haters time to grow up. Trump has done more good for this country than any president since Regan. I use to be a Democrat but no more. He has kept his promises and would have done more if it wasn’t for the do nothing Democrats. Go ahead and say all the bad stuff you want I could care less.

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