25 People From Walmart Stores You Won’t Believe That They Really Exist

22 thoughts on “25 People From Walmart Stores You Won’t Believe That They Really Exist”

  1. Linda J Nichols

    Where do these people come from?
    Are they Trump’s Voter Base? I am not surprised if that true. If they’d go shopping dressed like this then anything is possible. I just am mortified that these photos of these people would be accessible to all the world. What must the rest of the world think of us?

    1. Isn’t it amazing that these awful photos are somehow connected to President Trump? Linda should take a look in a mirror and ask herself that question.

    2. Bruce E Jenkins

      You don’t know the first thing about Trumps voter base. You need to take are good look at the flakes, fruits, nut drug addicts and freeloaders on the Left. And that’s just the Congressmen.

  2. All I can say is they must not have been taught self respect or they just don’t care. My guess is they just don’t care.

  3. The Rev. Dr. Darryl E. Dech

    Thank you for putting these photos on the Internet. Please keep me signed up. However, these photos continually show me how people have lost self-respect. It appears to be getting worse, so I’d like to keep track of what’s happening. But even greater, these photos are an indication of how they think of America. They think America is decadent. It’s not, it’s only these few idiots who think they are part of the great American decadence. I’d like to take each one of them to a recruiting station and give them at least two years of military training.

  4. You have to sort of feel sorry for people that really don’t care what they look like, and the ones that think they look so good and are attention getting. The world is becoming more and more amusing for the better or for the worse, that is the question?????

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