These 25 Walmart People Have Gone Way Too Far

48 thoughts on “These 25 Walmart People Have Gone Way Too Far”

      1. Depends on the City, where you live. I go to Walmart and I am quite conservative.
        But I have never seen anything obscene like that. In fact I think the Employees and the Customers are very nice.

    1. Me neither! I have saw while working there a woman that came in one night and she was huge, wearing the thinnest tights where you could see her back-end through them and she didn’t have any panties on. That was disgusting, as well as women over blessed at the top coming in without bras on and there top seemed to be leading them around.

  1. Braulio A. Montenegro

    Es penoso, detectable, censurable, crispante, ver cuanta KK se publica por este medio. La libertad de expresion, no es excusa para caer en libertinaje. Si continuamos prestando atencion a este deplorable desvio de la escritura edificante, face book ha perdido todo su prestigio…!!!! No vale la pena continuar afiliado al mismo…!!!

    1. “You got that right”. It’s Halloween time, but I think some of them think their sexy.

      “Gee”. Guess I’ll have to buy new clothes to be in style.

  2. Please be kind. We all have things happening in our lives that others may not accept/understand. There is enough cruelty in this time.

    1. That isn’t cruelty… it’s Comedy!!
      It’s cruei to the poor folks that are laughing so hard they ACTUALLY piss their pants!! Oooo Myyyyyyy!!!!

    2. Caroline Merkel

      I agree. People just live and let live. If it’s not your “cup of tea” than just walk away, no comments or rude gestures. Be kind to one another-Ellen DeGeneres

  3. Roxanne Dougherty

    Some of these ARE FAKES, few not so crazy but WHATEVER, the others WTC and WHAT State were they at, that’s really crazy individuals and most of all, IF THOSE were employees for real, then they should have been reprimanded for unbecoming conduct and sent home. REALLY. The rest are made up, come on.

  4. This is all Wal-Mart s fault. They have no morales, ethics , or respect for the rest of their regular customers. All Wal-Mart cares about is the “dollar”.
    I have no respect or loyalty to Wal-Mart. I avoid shopping Wal-Mart at all possible . I will shop elsewhere . Wal-Mart is a disgrace to its local community and society for allowing people like this into their stores. Managers of the local Wal-Marts have no “BALLS”. Everyone is afraid of offending someone or hurt their feelings and being sued. Well I and my wife get offended when we shed crsp like this in the store. So where are our legal rights? Think I’m going to file official complaints and charges then sue if it’s not resolved.

    1. You don’t have any legal rights bro! Those shots are all put on by actors and sold for big bucks!!
      Voyeurs and lots of others love them! HaHa Get a life bro! :0) Laugh a little!

    2. “0h for crying out loud KEITH”. Either grow up or go down to the morgue and get cheered up. What a grump. It’s Halloween. I’ve seen this before. Get over it.
      For some of these people, it’s looks like it may be only time of the year they get out.
      ( HOPEFULLY)
      I think it’s hilarious. And don’t say “what about the kids”? I will bet they have seen and heard worse. They WILL get over it. I have two grown ones. One just graduated from West Point, the other in Harvard. ( damn right, I’m bragging)
      Find something worth while to do. The world, I pray, will get better, but it will never go back to what it was.
      Take care Keith.

  5. shows how much the world is going to drugs and yes that means pot to all are acting retarded. oh did I hurt your feelings look in mirror u hurt my eyes to .

  6. I am really surprised that Walmart would allow them in the store looking like that….I don’t know where this Walmart is but I will never shop there….If these people knew just how disgusting they looked, no never mind they would do it anyway!!!!

  7. June Wager-Smith

    I’ve always had a feeling these pictures were staged. I’ve been shopping at Walmarts all over the country for years and years and years and have never seen anything remotely like these. I bet nobody else has ever seen them either.


      I used to drive semi’s for Walmart, so I’ve been to a few stores, and believe me, they are out there!

  8. To whom it may concern: Why do i think these people get paid too disgust the public with their appearance for money? Does Walmart make Money off of them and get more business? So i love Walmart and if Walmart thinks this is appropriate, then that is very disgusting also!! And i will change my shopping stores for sure.

  9. I’m sure some of these were from Halloween. It was a laugh though! I notice there were no dates on the pics so one could find those crazy shots over six or seven months, more or less. And while I don’t worry about what I wear to Walmart, I’m presentable and I don’t judge.

  10. We are an older couple who have been shopping at Walmart for many years, so much so we know the staff very well. All are courteous and will drop what they are doing to help us find, or nowadays, lift heavy items for us.
    They, in turn are loyal to their store and it showed in the pride they take in their jobs.
    I’ve seen them conduct fundraisers to help a dying co-worker and another to bury him. They are our neighbors.
    The customers are “normal” people with jobs and families shopping there, trying to stretch their paycheck.
    Ok, the police DO have a substation in the store and there are, um, INTERESTING people who shop there. But just enough to appreciate “normal”.
    Lighten up, Walmart haters.

  11. I started food shopping a month ago at a Walmart and so far have spent $200.00 less than the previous super market. Do I like Walmart as well? The answer is no. Do I like spending $200.00 less per month? The answer is yes. I guess I’ll just deal with it.

  12. I think most of the pics from Walmart are staged-not all maybe, but most. And I think also that Walmart Is behind it, and their reasoning Is that It will eventually make people who don’t shop at Walmart ( or seldomly shop there ) come into the store. Either way they get extra sales. This is just my opinion but I worked at Walmart for a long time and I have never seen300-400 lb lady in a bikini or a bunny suit come in to grocery shop. Just saying…

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